Accenture launches touch-less testing platform; to enable faster software testing

New Delhi [India], Apr 24 : Accenture on Monday announced the launch of its new platform for automated, analytics-driven software testing, after successfully completing pilots with 10 clients around the world.

The company's 'Touchless Testing Platform' brings together leading open source, commercial and Accenture proprietary tools and algorithms to automate a robust, touch-less testing process for software - all guided by artificial intelligence and analytics.

It allows testing teams to easily integrate tools from leading players such as Conformiq, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Intel Saffron, Sauce Labs, Tableau, Tricentis and Worksoft, along with key Accenture innovations, to bring new enterprise software solutions to market faster and with higher quality.

Continuous testing is increasingly important as companies look to software as a means of competitive advantage. Depending on the client engagement the platform can be deployed independently or as part of Accenture myWizard®.

"Software testing today still struggles with over-engineering efforts that can result in anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of wasted time and effort," said managing director and global testing lead for Accenture, Kishore Durg.

"With advances in analytics, artificial intelligence and data visualization, however, it's now possible to not only find these areas of inefficiencies and eliminate them, but also to uncover business risks and opportunities that weren't visible before. That is what the Accenture Touchless Testing Platform is designed to do," added Kishore Durg.

"Accenture Touchless Testing Platform is the latest example of how Accenture is using automation and artificial intelligence to disrupt every aspect of the application lifecycle, and make IT an agent for speed, change and customer experience," said group chief executive Accenture Technology Services, Bhaskar Ghosh.

"Artificial intelligence is helping us rethink old approaches to testing and helping testers operate smarter and more efficiently. Applying analytics to massive amounts of production and test data is key to spotting trends, predicting failures, managing risk and continuously responding to customer feedback, all of which is critical to competitiveness," added Ghosh.

The newly launched platform also provides testers with early warnings on system anomalies, and real-time guided interventions. The overall test design and execution process is guided by an industry-specific reusable testing repository comprising more than 76,000 test scenarios, scripts and conditions across 33 industries and 280 end-to-end business processes. (ANI)