Air India flight with failed engine makes emergency landing in Jaipur

Air IndiaJaipur, Aug 22 - An Air India flight form Delhi to Ahmedabad had to make an emergency landing in Japiur today after its left engine stopped working.

A passenger told ANI, "We got message from the captain that the left engine has failed and the plane will land at Jaipur."

Another passenger, Vinay Chaturvedi, told ANI that the staff handled the situation badly.

"We realized all of a sudden that there is some problem with the engine and it was very chaotic. The authority was not aware of what to do. They took a decision after two hours to take us to a nearby hotel. And meanwhile, there was a lot of suffocation. The way Air India staff handled the situation was pathetic. On board staff were arguing with an elder passenger," he said. (ANI)