Albany Man assaults and tries to kill His Own Wife

An Albany man, Craig Alexander Lazon, has been facing charges including attempted aggravated murder, kidnapping, rape and assault. According to authorities of Linn County, the accused had kidnapped, raped and tried to kill his own wife. The man also kept her against her will for a week, the authorities said.

According to reports, the woman somehow managed to run from the house on Monday evening. She ran to a neighbor's house and told that her husband was trying to kill her. When the woman appeared in the neighbor's house, she was with a bruised and bloody face, the reports further stated.

As per the reports, the woman told police that Lazon tied her up on February 24 and kept her in the house against her will until she managed to run on March 2. She also said that Lazon raped and beat her. According to a statement given by the woman, her teenage daughter was at home the entire time. She said that Lazon told the daughter that she was sick.

The woman further said that Lazon had dressed her in pajama pants, hooded sweat shirt and a jacket. He also told her daughter that they were going to the hospital, she added. Then, Lazon tied her to the passenger door of the car, according to the woman. She told police that Lazon was taking her to the Calapooia River to dump her body.

According to her, Lazon came back to house as he had forgotten to take his cell. When he got into the house to get the cell, she somehow managed to escape, she added. Frederick Edwards, who is the manager of the West Side Villa Apartments in Albany where Lazon had assaulted his own wife, said, “I don’t know how she got the energy to make it that far because she collapsed”.