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Insights Report on Nakoda Limited by Ventura Securities

Power business to boost profitability and reduce sector specific risk
Nakoda has a small presence in the renewable energy space through its 6.75 MW wind power project in Tamil Nadu which was commissioned on October 2010. It plans to commission another 5.25 MW of wind power from its second project located in Madhya Pradesh in March 2011. In CY2012, we expect revenues of Rs 12.68 crore and profits of Rs 5.69 crore from the wind power business.

Buy Call For Nakoda Limited with target price of Rs 37 : Ventura Securities

Nakoda Limited Buy Call by Ventura Securities In Phase 1 of its Rs 333 crore expansion that has been completed, Nakoda has established a 1,40,000 TPA Continuous Polymerization Plant (CPP) which will cater to the needs of the downstream expansion POY) besides expanding margins by 190 bps. FDY & DTY stand at 59,500 (+ 205%) & 29,870 (+ 2692%) tpa respectively while production from these capacities is expected to stabilize by the middle of Q1CY2011.

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