Apple, Samsung deliver closing arguments in patent trial

Apple, Samsung deliver closing arguments in patent trialOn Tuesday, the Apple-Samsung patent trial in the US proceeded to closing arguments, with the lawyers of the world's two top smartphone-makers delivering their closing arguments in a courtroom which was virtually flooded with tech-industry observers, reporters, lawyers and analysts.

Summarizing their arguments in the three-week long trial in US District Court in San Jose, California, Apple and Samsung lawyers gave notably dramatic presentations; and were through with their closing arguments by late Tuesday.

While Apple lawyers chiefly reiterated their earlier assertion that Samsung had copied Apple designs after realizing that it could not offer substantial competition to Apple's popular iPhone and iPad; Samsung lawyers said that the South Korean company was legally fulfilling consumers' demand for big-screen smartphones, and added that if Apple wins the lawsuit, consumers will be left with less choice.

Apple and Samsung lawyers made contending claims during closing arguments at the multibillion-dollar patent trial, after Judge Lucy Koh's last-ditch attempts, to get the CEOs of the two tech giants work out a settlement, fell through on Monday.

With Apple and Samsung lawyers having delivered the closing arguments in the high-profile patent trial which witnessed testimony from tech experts, patent specialists and company executives, jury deliberations will likely begin on Wednesday, when the case - in which Apple is seeking over $2.5 billion in damages from Samsung - will be considered by a jury of nine members.