Bharti, Connecting again but this time for Africa!

Bharti-AirtelBharti Airtel has started imitating the flourishing India telecom model in Africa and has even entailed in IBM to handle the calculating technology and services that influence its mobile phone network straddling 16 African nations.

The duo groups have endorsed an in-principle deal, with the agreement anticipated to be finalized by the fourth quarter. The 10-year settlement is projected to be merit of $1-1.5 billion.

In India, Bharti is by now is in a long-term accord along with IBM for IT back. The first agreement amid the two was valued approximately of $750 million in 2004 that has ever since climb up to $2 billion.

Bharti had open up the outsourcing replica in India, by engrossing with groups such as IBM, Nokia Siemens and Ericsson for IT and infrastructure necessities, so that it might aim on the core telecom venture. Bharti's outsourcing paradigm was gathered up by all main telecoms in the nation.

Ever since it grabbed the African processes of Kuwaiti group Zain Telecom in advance this year, Bharti has uphold that the Indian model of minimal charge and high usage might be passed to Africa. So, now the outsourcing path seems predictable.