Coca- Cola confesses: vitamin water not a healthy drink

Coca- Cola confesses: vitamin water not a healthy drinkCoca-Cola Company accepts in the court that much publicized and marketed “vitamin water” is not really a healthy drink.

Coca cola heavily marketed vitamin water brand drink, claiming it to be a healthy beverage.

The reality seems to be contrasting as the drink in reality may be sugar water bastioned with few vitamins to go along with.

The revelation came when coca cola admitted in court in united states that it’s not as healthy as it is claimed to be; and district Judge John Gleeson in his ‘55 page ruling’, allowed the consumers to file a lawsuit against the makers of vitamin water for making false claim for its marketing and thus violating ‘FDA’ food fortification and guidelines of naming the product.

Coca- Cola in response has aggressively tried to dismiss the lawsuit claiming that “no consumer could be misleading in assuming that the vitamin water was a healthy drink”.

The lawyers for Coca -Cola wittingly did not oppose the lawsuit on the factual ground but tried to dismiss it on the basis of its technicality.

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