Investors fume over Darroch’s package

Investors fume over Darroch’s packageBskyB investors have expressed frustration over the pay packages of senior executives during the company's annual meeting yesterday.

A fifth of the shareholders voted against the remuneration packages during the company's AGM. The number of shareholders voting against the package that included £2.9. million for the Chief Executive Officer Jeremy Darroch rose to double its number this year from the previous year.

BskyB reports 4% rise in revenues

BskyB reports 4% rise in revenuesUK pay-TV giant, BskyB has recorded an impressive 4 per cent increase in revenues to £1.715 billion during the quarter till September, 2012.

The company's EBITDA increased 3 per cent to £392 million in the quarter compared to the same quarter of the previous year. On the other hand, operating profits increased 5 per cent to £310 million during the quarter till September, 2012 compared to the same quarter of 2011.

BSkyB selling its B2B operation

BSkyB selling its B2B operationBSkyB has sold its B2B wing of Easynet, which is the telecoms group it grabbed for £211m to gear up its broadband and telephony venture to a private equity fraction for £100m.

BSkyB, that obtained the business in the year 2005, is to trade Easynet Global Services to LDC, which is a British private equity group.

News Corp. to Buy BSkyB

News Corp. to Buy BSkyBNews Corp. is moving ahead to grab 61% stake in U. K. based company, British Sky Broadcasting Group PLC. This could be the biggest deal of the year according to some who are familiar with the buyout.

However the terms and conditions at both ends are yet to be finalized and agreed upon, as BskyB has a market cap of approximately £10.5 billion. Considering the regulatory hurdles, both the groups would like to take government approval before coming conclusion on acquisition price.

BSkyB shells out £160 million for Virgin Media TV

BSkyB shells out £160 million for Virgin Media TVAn entire new dimension of cooperation between the satellite TV broadcaster BSkyB and the cable TV provider Virgin Media seems to circulate in the media.

Reports state that Virgin Media will be selling its TV channels to BSkyB for around £160 million.

It is in lieu of the deal where Virgin Media will proffer its subscribers the BSkyB premium HD content, such as Sky Sports HD1 and Sky Movies HD making it easily accessible for its subscriber base.

BSkyB buys Virgin media TV channels

BSkyBThe satellite broadcaster BSkyB has announced that it has purchased the Virgin media TV by paying 160 million Euros. Now Virgin media can offer some of the Sky High Definition (HD) channels for the first time in UK for its viewers. It includes the Sky Movies HD and Sky Sports HD1 as well.

Moreover approximately 4 million TV subscribers of Virgin Media are going to access the Sky channels through the On Demand service after this deal.

BSkyB to join hands with Experian

BSkyBA new business alliance between the UK-based satellite broadcaster BSkyB and the information services provider Experian has started taking shape aiming at mutual benefits.

This business venture, which makes BSkyB a major stakeholder seeks to provide database marketing services for the cable company.

The yet to be named venture will provide a wide range of service offerings in the area of database content management.

BSkyB third quarter profit jumps to £286 million

BSkyB third quarter profit jumps to £286 millionBritish Sky Broadcasting Group Plc, a satellite TV group in UK, announced today that its third quarter profit beat the expectations of the company. BSkyB said that the excellent performance in the third quarter ended march was mainly attributable to the increased revenue in the period.

Countdown begins for Sky to launch 3D channel in UK

Countdown begins for Sky to launch 3D channel in UKBSkyB is all set to launch the first 3D Channel in UK on April 3 2010. BSkyB will offer its 3D satellite TV first time with telecasting the Premier League clash between Manchester United and Chelsea on Easter. Sky had made a trial of its 3D satellite TV in January while it aired the Premier League match between Manchester United and Arsenal in nine London pubs.

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