AT&T announces $48 billion takeover of DirecTV

AT&T announces $48 billion takeover of DirecTV

An announcement about a $48 billion takeover of DirecTV has been made by AT&T three months after Comcast made announcement about its $45 billion takeover of Time Warner Cable last year.

Michael White of DirecTV, left, and Randall Stephenson of AT&T, center provided evidence about merger plans on Capitol Hill. According to a filing with the Federal Communications Commission, Netflix was requesting regulators to reject the AT&T-DirecTV transaction because it is currently proposed.

According to the company, a combined AT&T and DirecTV would have the capability and incentive to use its heft to harm online video distributors such as Netflix in order to protect its core TV business. According to Netflix, already AT&T had degraded customers' access to Netflix.

DirecTV dropping Lowe campaign

DirecTV dropping Lowe campaign

Direct broadcast satellite service provider DirecTV has discontinued the ad campaign that has drawn complaints from rival Comcast Corporation.

Representatives of DirecTV said that they are thinking about dropping the Rob Lowe commercials in support of a new campaign. The major complaints are from Comcast. Comcast made claims for the Rob Lowe commercials and after considering the accusations made by Comcast, the National Advertising Division (NAD) suggested that DirecTV stop making some of the claims in the ads.

DirecTV faces Deceptive Advertising Charges from FTC

DirecTV faces Deceptive Advertising Charges from FTC

It has been reported that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has charged DirecTV for deceptive advertising.

The American direct broadcast satellite service provider has been charged for deceptively advertising a discounted 12-month programming package, said FTC.

It also said that company is facing these charges because it failed to clearly disclose the norm that the package needs to have a two-year contract.

DirecTV also failed to clearly disclose that cost of the package will increase up to USD 45 per month in the second year. It also didn’t disclose the fact that early cancellation fees of up to USD 480 apply if consumers cancel the package before the end of the two-year period, the agency said.

DirecTV launches its new ‘Genie’ HD DVR

DirecTV launches its new ‘Genie’ HD DVR Leading satellite operator DirecTV has recently launched its multi-room HD DVR, the `Genie', which is the most advanced and intuitive HD DVR in the industry; and is capable of recording up to five TV channels in HD simultaneously.

With the Genie boasting the addition of an automatic-recommendation feature which records shows based on the preferences of the subscribers, DirecTV is touting the fact that the five tuners and recommendation features of its new HD DVR outshine the three-tuner Hopper DVR from Dish Network.

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