Google’s TV Project features customized Android OS aka Dragonpoint

Google TV

Google’s TV Project that involves a joint effort of Intel, Sony and Logitech is scheduled to mark a debut in the coming month and at the same time shall feature a custom Android operating system dubbed as Dragonpoint.

According to the tech reports, Sony plans to introduce Intel chips loaded with Google software in home-based entertainment devices. This is a major move since Google proclaimed a tie-up with Sony, Intel and Logitech for bringing Android interface to TV screen.

It all adds up in enhancing the browsing experience of web applications on TV screens, via an interactive software interface.

A universal remote from Logitech

Logitech-Harmony-300i-Universal-RemoteLogitech has rolled out its latest offering the Harmony 300i which is termed as the Universal Remote for all devices.

It is a hassle when one has to maintain different remote controls for different devices. To make problems easier Harmony 300i from Logitech replaces the utility of four remotes in one.

A promising product as the company claims, has an online library that syncs with almost 225,000 remote controllers from five thousand different brands making the earlier trend of universal remotes a thing of past.

Logitech comes up with comfort lapdesk

The revolution that brought computers to your laps, better known as laptops, has now taken a more comfortable shape. Logitech is the company behind these new comfort laptops.

Ever since laptops came into existence they could never be used comfortably in the lap, because of their weight and the hot underside of the laptops. The bottom of the laptop usually becomes hot when used for longer durations.

Logitech's new comfort lapdesk now addresses this problem in one of the most innovative ways. It provides a barrier which is padded that is between the laptop and the user's lap. Lapdesk N700 has added to the laptop a fan to moderate the hot temperature and added high quality speakers to provide your laptop that extra audio boost feature.

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