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Virgin Media’s 4G services might be launched this year

Virgin Media’s 4G services might be launched this yearAccording to a new The INQUIRER report, Internet Service Provider (ISP) Virgin Media has revealed that it may likely roll out its high-speed 4G services - using Everything Everywhere's LTE approved 1800MHz spectrum - in UK this year; even though there have been reports of the 4G launch having been delayed in the country.

BT changes broadband advertisement after Virgin’s complaint

BT changes broadband advertisement after Virgin’s complaint British Telecom (BT) had to change one of the advertisements for its broadband services after rival; Virgin Media filed complaints against the advertisements.

Two complaints by Virgin Media against BT advertisement for its Infinity internet product were upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK. Virgin claimed that the words used in the advertisement did not represent the product and its availability. Meanwhile the ASA did not agree to a third complaint by Virgin against another BT advertisement.

Virgin to offer free WiFi connectivity in London soon

Virgin to offer free WiFi connectivity in London soonVirgin Media has indicated that it will soon launch a free Wi-Fi network in London for all users.

Chief executive Neil Berkett has said that the company is in “quite advanced negotiations” with London councils over plans for a free wi-Fi network and it expects to begin roll out soon.

“The proposition would be that we would provide free Wifi access for all,” said Mr. Berkett. Virgin Media’s WiFi network will be available to all at 0.5Mbps, and to its home broadband subscribers at up to 10Mbps.

Virgin claims delivering faster broadband in the world

Virgin claims delivering faster broadband in the worldVirgin Media has claimed that it successfully delivered internet speeds up to 240 times faster than UK average, which is fastest in the world.

The company said that is offers speeds of upto 1.5Gbps for downloads and 150Mbps for uploads to an areas called ‘Silicon Roundabout’ in London. Communications Minister Ed Vaisey expressed his happiness over fastest cable broadband speeds being delivered in the UK.

Virgin slashes price of Virgin Media TiVo box

Virgin slashes price of Virgin Media TiVo boxVirgin Media has reduced the price of its TiVo box from £150 to just £100 and the company will also offer refunds to customers, who purchased the box at the earlier price.

The TiVo box, which was launched last year, is a triple-tuner PVR system that automatically records programmes, which it thinks is liked by the viewer based on their viewing habbits. The company will credit the Virgin accounts of customers who purchased the box at £150 with £50.

ASA rules against Virgin Media’s ‘broadband can’ campaign

ASA rules against Virgin Media’s ‘broadband can’ campaignThe Advertising Standards Authority has ruled against an online campaign by Virgin Media, which accuses rivals of "conning" internet users.

BT and Sky had complained against "Stop the broadband con" and the ASA ruled reprimanded Virgin implying that the campaign cannot continue. The campaign also included a letter form Richard Branson claiming rivals were "not keeping their promises", a speed test as well as links to Ofcom's official broadband report.

Westminster sings London IT framework with Virgin

Westminster sings London IT framework with VirginWestminster has said that it has signed a £190m pan-London IT framework with Virgin Media Business for the creation of a PSN-compliant Next Generation Network resource.

The new framework will provide a single platform for procuring phone, data, video, CCTV and Wi-Fi services for the public sector. Any public sector organization in London will be able sign up to the framework and save millions of pounds worth of savings.

Rise in Virgin Media shares amidst all hassle

Rise in Virgin Media shares amidst all hassleVirgin Media have reported of 2.33 per cent growth which is stated as the most promising growth figure that has been posted in 16 quarters with Q2 revenues surging by seven percent closing in nearly one billion pounds.

The firm has come up after a merger that occurred between cable giants NTL and Telewest, boasts of a market capitalization of about $6.61 billion and claims to reach great heights claiming the highest amount in value for continuously three years.

Price cut announced for Virgin Media channels

Price cut announced for Virgin Media channelsThe recent proclamations made by Virgin Media sees a cut in the subscription rates of premium Sky channels for the customers of its cable TV service.

The offer includes a subsidized rate offering for all to access the Sky's sports and movie channels for all its users.

The price change will be in effect from 1 July and permits all subscribers of Virgin's M+, L or XL TV packages to add or maintain one Sky Sports channel (Sky Sports 1 or 2) or one Sky Movies channel for £13.50 per month which adds to the savings of up to £9 per month.

BSkyB shells out £160 million for Virgin Media TV

BSkyB shells out £160 million for Virgin Media TVAn entire new dimension of cooperation between the satellite TV broadcaster BSkyB and the cable TV provider Virgin Media seems to circulate in the media.

Reports state that Virgin Media will be selling its TV channels to BSkyB for around £160 million.

It is in lieu of the deal where Virgin Media will proffer its subscribers the BSkyB premium HD content, such as Sky Sports HD1 and Sky Movies HD making it easily accessible for its subscriber base.

Virgin media’s WC alternative

Virgin-mediaVirgin media is offering an alternative to everyone in lieu of the upcoming FIFA WC 2010.

It is basically in regard with the evening schedule that comes with FIFA.

Virgin media will be airing the “Abbey Clancy’s Girls Night In” series on the Virgin Media On Demand service which viewers can watch whenever a viewer wishes to opt for, which is probably early evening when the live football matches are being shown.

It is basically in respect to the viewership base that summons with the BBC and ITV has the TV rights for the FIFA World Cup.

BSkyB buys Virgin media TV channels

BSkyBThe satellite broadcaster BSkyB has announced that it has purchased the Virgin media TV by paying 160 million Euros. Now Virgin media can offer some of the Sky High Definition (HD) channels for the first time in UK for its viewers. It includes the Sky Movies HD and Sky Sports HD1 as well.

Moreover approximately 4 million TV subscribers of Virgin Media are going to access the Sky channels through the On Demand service after this deal.

Digital TV fraud led to jail

Digital TV fraud led to jailThe recent news update states the catch hold of three men for a digital TV fraud.

The accused named Dilawer Dudhwala, Imran Khansia, and Rafiq Dudhwala were all sentenced at Preston Crown Court to serve a term of fourteen years.

The group was held responsible for reprogramming set top boxes that permitted users to access the full Virgin Media pay TV service without paying any charge whatsoever.

The Police raid resulted in extraction of close to two hundred set top boxes.

Virgin media lends a hand in capturing pirates

virgin-media-logoThe cable TV and broadband provider, Virgin Media, has gone out of the odds to lend a hand in an assault on the pirates across the north of the border in Scotland.

According to the recently posted reports the latest encryption technology is supposedly been used at Edinburgh that offers help to the cable TV company and thus aids in stopping the unauthorised usage of its set top boxes.

Also it has been recently noted that premium content is being viewed without any contracts or any prices being paid for.

Orange features along with Virgin in quadplay market

Orange-UKOrange UK is plunging into the broadband TV market a supposedly new area for the Telecom service provider.

The arena which currently is dominated by Virgin Media is the only ISP to offer quadplay services with mobile, fixed-line, broadband and TV in one bundle.

Following this move Orange will be the next in league to avail this service.

In order to achieve this fete with precision Orange UK, has tied up with T-Mobile UK, and has cancelled its early IPTV plans in 2008 as the market conditions were unfavorable at that juncture.

More movies feature on Virgin media platform

Virgin-MediaVirgin media subscribers of the digital TV service can now access a huge list of films.

This PictureBox on-demand film subscription service is offered to all cable service users as claimed by Virgin Media.

Hinting towards a range of over thirty films from the studio Icon Films has been made available. The list includes big names such as, Apocalypto, Bridge to Terabitha and What Women Want.

Virgin Media offers a waiver in satTV

Virgin Media offers a waiver in satTVA better package awaits the users of cable TV provider Virgin Media, as it soon will be offering its subscribers an optimum offer on the pay TV premium sports channels from BSkyB.

It appears to be a reformation that occurred after an amendment made by the regulator Ofcom, which made the cable provider BSkyB cut the wholesale cost of Sky Sports 1 and 2.

Although, BSkyB apparently seems to be a bit annoyed with this proposal and has commenced an appeal in the process, yet the imposition underlines the fact that the price cuts have to be implemented by the 14th May.

Virgin Media erases customer details by accident

Virgin-MediaAn accident led to the deletion of vital customer details disconnecting hundreds of broadband users with Virgin Media off their network.

It appears that during the course of database clean up some mishap happened that made hundreds of modems out of date and disconnected them from the network.

This mishap took ten days back since then the users have been without internet access, on the contrary the company claims that the problem has been rendered to, and there is nothing to worry about.

Rank one for Virgin media in VoD

Virgin-MediaThe annual results posted by the Virgin Media state that in the first quarter of the year, the figures posted were a record breaking high for VoD.

A steady but continuous rise has been noticed in 'On demand video' as stated by cable TV, broadband and phone service provider Virgin Media.

It was observed that the firm had posted a growth in services to 2.1 million i. e., a sixty per cent of the firm's customers. And this data was for the first three months of 2010.

Innovative advertising talent brought in by Virgin media

Virgin-MediaA name common to cable TV, broadband and phone service provider-Virgin Media, is revamping its marketing exercises with an estimated annual budget of around £75 million.

In this development that seeks the upping of services with present marketing contract holders, agencies Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe Y&R, Rapier and Spike are on the mercy of Virgin Media who tries to reorganises things.

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