Conservation of coral reef in Lakshadweep

Conservation of coral reef in LakshadweepKavaratti Islands (Lakshadweep), Mar 26 : Indian army has undertaken an expedition in Lakshadweep Islands to spread awareness amongst the locals to save the island''s fragile ecosystem.

The expedition undertaken by the ''Bison Division'' is to provide a taste of adventure sports to the army personnel and create awareness towards preservation of the marine flora and fauna of the islands.

It also imparts knowledge on steps, which could be taken to mitigate the environmental hazards to the fragile ecosystem.

"The main aim is to draw world attention specifically Indian because tourism is increasing here and it could lead to more pollution and such other factors of global warming. So the aim is to draw attention to this fact about the very fragile ecology, about the turtles, the corals, particularly about the coral which make this lagoons and this whole place so beautiful," said Brigadier Cherish Mathson, Station Commander, Army Camp, Thiruvananthapuram.

A host of activities like scuba diving, marathon, and Para motor flying formed the part of the expedition.

The Malidives-Chago-Lakshadweep chain of islands in the Arabian Sea is the largest coral system in the world. The coral formations are threatened by the rise in temperature of sea water caused by global warming. (ANI)