David Sobotta to Read Write Web: Apple CEO Tim Cook is not a “people person”

David Sobotta to Read Write Web: Apple CEO Tim Cook is not a “people person”During the course of a recent interview with Read Write Web about his new Kindle title, `The Pomme Company,' author David Sobotta claimed that Apple's CEO Tim Cook is not a "people person", and that he lacks the requisite leadership skills for running a bigwig company like Apple.

With Sobotta having worked as an Apple salesman for two decades - from 1984 to 2004 -, his new Kindle book chiefly details his experience with Apple. However, about Cook, the author further said: "Tim will react to the numbers or his fear of being wrong quickly."

Elaborating that it is essentially because of the way Apple's iconic CEO, the late Steve jobs, ran the company that the `fear of being wrong' has become a deep-seated managerial trait at Apple, Sobotta told Read Write Web's Dan Lyons that "even the appearance of being wrong, when in the end you might be right, is dreaded at Apple."

In his critique of Cook's leadership of Apple, Sobotta further mentioned in the interview that Cook is "a lightweight" even in matters related to technology; and does not apparently feel the same passion for technology as did Jobs and a few of the other great engineers.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that Sobotta never actually had a chance to work under Cook, his comments about Cook will seemingly underscore a lot of negative publicity for the tech company!

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