Discrimination is pivoted on by the Baltimore suit

Wells-FargoThe case centers on predatory lending involving African-Americans, a lawyer helping Baltimore sue Wells Fargo & Co. in a second round of litigation said.

The Baltimore Sun reported on Wednesday that attorney John Relman said, "Ultimately, the amount of damages in this case is far less significant than whether or not a jury says, 'You're right, Wells Fargo targeted an African-American community with predatory loans and they did it for reasons of greed."

It was also reported that last year, a judged dismissed the case, calling it "implausible" that the loans could be blamed for inner city decay, despite some of them ending in foreclosure.

The newspaper further said that the second suit filed against the bank attempts to answer that with specifics.

The city is seeking $20 million in damages, based on a $1,472 annual increase in cost for fire and police services per vacant property, city solicitor, George Nilson, said.

"There's nothing here. They just want to go fishing to see if maybe they can come up with something," Wells Fargo attorney, Andrew Sandler, said. (With Inputs from Agencies)