Documents from 2005 Sex-Assault Lawsuit Should Not Be Unsealed, says Bill Cosby’s Lawyer

American stand-up comedian Bill Cosby’s lawyer argued on Friday saying that it would be very embarrassing for the comedian if the documents from a 2005 sex-assault lawsuit will be unveiled.

Cosby is presently fighting efforts by The Associated Press to unseal motions from a lawsuit he settled with a former Temple University employee.

The lawsuit accused Cosby for drugging and sexually assaulting the woman at Cosby’s home.
Now, Cosby’s lawyer argued that his client’s deposition could reveal details of Cosby's marriage, sex life and prescription drug use.

Lawyer George M. Gowen III said in a statement that it would be terribly embarrassing for this material to come out.

He argued saying that the public should not get the access to what Cosby was forced to say as he answered questions under oath from the accuser's lawyer nearly a decade ago.

Gowen said, “Frankly, ... it would embarrass him, (and) it would also prejudice him in eyes of the jury pool in Massachusetts”.

It has been said that more than a dozen women have since accused Cosby of sexually assaulting them, and three have a defamation lawsuit pending against him in Massachusetts.

The women accused Cosby saying that he defamed them when his agents said their accusations were untrue.

The lawyer also argued over whether Cosby was a public figure entitled to a lesser degree of privacy.

Lawyer Gayle Sproul, representing the AP, called him ‘an icon’ particularly in Philadelphia, who held himself out as someone who would guide the public in ways of morality.