Don’t waste time by faking it in bed

Don’t waste time by faking it in bedIf you happen to be one of those who fake it in bed then drop it because it is easy for your partner to tell when you are not satisfied sexually. A recent study says that there is no point in faking it as it is evident to the partner when he or she is not able to satisfy you.

Canadian researchers find that on an average, both men and women have a fairly accurate and unbiased perception of their partners' sexual satisfaction. They involved 84 couples in the study wherein the partners were separately asked several questions related to sexual satisfaction, relationship satisfaction, sexual communication and levels of commitment.

The researchers from the University of Waterloo in Ontario found that couples who had a good understanding of the sexual desires of their partner through communication were easily able to find out the level of satisfaction of their partners when it came to sexual matters.

Scientists however figured out that even in couples who didn't communicate well and had low understanding of each other it wasn't difficult to guess the level of sexual satisfaction enjoyed by his or her partner.  It is not very tough to understand the other's emotions.