Emotional humanoid robot sells out within a minute Saturday

Humanoid robot made by Japan-based mobile and telecommunications company SoftBank has finally been made available to consumers.

The adorable robot named Pepper that can feel emotion and look after its owner went on sale on Saturday morning. Customers snapped all 1,000 robots in the first wave.

They paid the equivalent of £1,000 each for the robot and then monthly insurance and data fees on top.

Pepper act as a household companion and is programmed to communicate with users, follow vocal commands. It can read human emotions and react accordingly.

According to the company, it is an emotional robot and tends to its owners emotional needs rather than functional robot for domestic use with dish washer or vacuum cleaner functionalities. It will learn about humans and have conversations.

SoftBank's partner, French Robotics Company Aldebaran SAS said that Pepper will help people grow, enhance their life, facilitate relationships. He will have fun with them, give some services and connect them with the outside world.

The robot comes equipped with a tablet to show its emotions. It will also require a data package for its cloud-based data and insurance fees, at a price of 24,600 yen ($200) a month.

Softbank plans to release Pepper in other countries later this year. It will put 1,000 units a month on sale.