Facebook allows native Apple apps to get traffic form site

Facebook allows native Apple apps to get traffic form siteSocial networking site, Facebook has announced that will now allow native applications on Apple devices like iPhone and iPad to get traffic from Facebook.

The move will now allow developers to direct tract traffic form iOS Facebook app to an external website or apps. The new step is apart of the initiative called Social App Discovery on Mobile, which was launched by Facebook in October 2011.

Facebook describes the new advancements as granular controls for native iOS apps. Facebook said in a blog post that News Feed or Open Graph stories that are published will now come with link to the URL by default.

"For example, you may link these stories to your mobile web site or you may link to an intermediate page that then redirects to either a mobile web site, desktop page, or native URL," the site explained.

The Open Graph is a feature that allows app makers to have more flexibility in developing for the Facebook platform on browsers as well as on mobile Facebook environments. The new update will now allow users to directly direct users to their apps from Facebook.

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