Former drug executive Martin Shkreli apparently playing a ‘daredevil game’ with his image
Former drug executive Martin Shkreli apparently playing a ‘daredevil game’

Charged with securities fraud and facing congressional inquiry, ex drug executive Martin Shkreli has replaced his legal team with Benjamin Brafman, the lawyer who was behind getting Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs set free of gun and bribery charges in 2001.

The move has been taken after Shkreli was lately called ‘the most hated man in America’ for the sky-high rates he set on life-saving medications, has boarded a risky strategy for repairing his image without any assistance of professional communications advisers.

Weeks after his December 17 arrest, he got separated from an outside spokesman and decided to deal with matters in his own style. He gave long interviews to Vanity Fair and Vice, and argued publically with the rapper Ghostface Killah and asked the ‘haters’ to challenge him on live-streamed online chats.

Washington-based public relations adviser and ex CNN correspondent Jeanne Meserve said that Shkreli is apparently playing a ‘daredevil game’ with his image.

Meserve, working as director of training for the Communication Center and advisor to top corporate and government clients, said that it’s definitely unconventional, but it isn’t known so far that whether it was bad or not.

On Tuesday, while speaking to Maria Bartiromo in an interview on Fox Business Network, Shkreli said that his plan has been working, and mentioned that when he was on his way to the interview, people stopped him for autographs and selfies.

He said, “The world is changing its mind about me. I think the tide is swinging from, you know, this is a bad guy to people listening to me and really understanding who I am”.

During the Fox interview, he made the announcement regarding the change of legal counsel. A lawyer who earlier represented Shkreli, Marcus Asner of Arnold & Porter LLP, refused to make any comment on the replacement, or about if he was still handling any work for Shkreli or not.

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