The future of Medicaid in Texas

The future of Medicaid in Texas  While one cannot show back to the fact that Medicaid is the health lifeline for more than 3 million Texans in the region but a host of Republicans including names like Gov.

Rick Perry are of a view that it is better to opt out of the program as the state budget is facing a situation of shortfall. Expectedly, the announcement has bought a lot of fear among the local residents as it will take its own toll from the poor children and people with disabilities.

Moreover, it the program is lifted out, it will also cause issues for the pregnant women and the elderly. It is to be mentioned here that the Medicaid program covers a substantial part of the cost for more than 60 percent of nursing home residents.

State Rep. Garnet Coleman, D-Houston is of a view that the government is talking about a public policy that has a potential of turning people out of the nursing homes and people who are getting treatment at this moment will not be able to get the same after the announcement.