Gas prices touch $4 per gallon in US

Gas prices touch $4 per gallon in USThe prices of gasoline has touched $ 4 per gallon once again in some parts of the United sates due to an increase in the international prices of crude oil.

The average national price of gasoline per gallon rose 12 days in a row in the country angering motorists facing pressure on their spending. Three more states in the country saw gasoline prices edge past the $4 a gallon mark and the total now stands at six states.

The collection of states above an average of $4 a gallon today now includes Hawaii, California, Alaska, Illinois, New York and Connecticut, according to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report.

In the overall US market, the average price of a gallon of gasoline increased by 4.1 cents since previous week and 0.4 cents overnight to $3.842 a gallon, he said.

The average price of gasoline was recorded at the level of $3.842 a gallon at this period previous year. According to experts the price are likely to rise further till the month of May as most stations are still switching to summer gasoline.

In summer, online require more expensive components than the gasoline that is used in winters. The summer gasoline is this more expensive than the gasoline used in winters.

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