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French Embassy to donate 234 films to NFAI

French Embassy to donate 234 films to NFAINew Delhi, Apr. 29: India and France are poised to raise the level of their efforts towards preservation in the fields of film and television.

The Embassy of France in India has decided to donate as many as 234 films from its library in New Delhi to the National Film Archives of India (NFAI), Pune, this month.

All these films are produced in France and are of high cinematic quality and excellence.

An agreement to this effect will be signed on April 30 at NFAI at 5.30 in the evening, which will be followed by a three-day film festival.

Hugh Jackman’s secret stash of nude footage cut from Wolverine

Hugh Jackman’s secret stash of nude footage cut from WolverineWashington, Apr 28: Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman was handed a stash of nude footage cut from his new film X-Men Origins by director Gavin Hood.

The Australian star was required to shoot a lot of stunts in X-Men’s sequel in the buff.

After his more intimate areas were hidden for the final cut, Hood handed Jackman the X-rated extras for his own personal use.

Eva Longoria Parker eyes French move

Eva Longoria Parker eyes French moveWashington, Apr 29: Hol

Natalie Portman invites fans to film sets – virtually

Natalie Portman invites fans to film sets – virtuallyWashington, Apr 29 : Hollywood actress Natalie Portman has launched an Internet community for her fans, which would give them behind-the-scenes glimpse at what it takes to make a movie.

The `Leon' actress has launched the website MakingOf. com with co-founder Christine Aylward, which would give behind the scenes access to intrigued fans.

Portman has recruited multifarious celebrities including directors Marc Foster and Michel Gondry, and actor Jason Bateman, to share their filmmaking experiences with the attracted fans.

Naomi Campbell dismisses retirement reports

Naomi Campbell dismisses retirement reportsWashington, Apr 29: Supermodel Naomi Campbell has rubbished claims stating that she is contemplating retirement in a bid to start a family.

It was reported that Campbell is keen to experience motherhood and would leave her career to settle down with billionaire beau Vladislav Doronin.

"It''ll be 25 years (as a model) next year. In terms of fashion shows, I don''t really see myself doing every show everywhere. I''m a woman and I''d like to be a mother one day," Contactmusic quoted Campbell, as saying.

Chris Noth to reprise role in ‘Sex & The City’ sequel

Chris Noth to reprise role in ‘Sex & The City’ sequelWashington, Apr 29 : Hollywood actor Chris Noth has signed on to reprise his role of `Mr. Big' in Sex & The City sequel.

Noth had recently revealed he was still "in negotiations" with producers to reprise his role, even though the filming began in March (09).

However, his co-actor Sarah Jessica Parker told E! News that he will definitely be back to play her husband in the sequel.

Noth revealed he has big plans for his character when he does reprise his role.