Google might rollout cloud-based locker service soon

Google might rollout cloud-based locker service soonAccording to some reports, Google is planning to release a new cloud-based locker service for users in the coming weeks or months. A report in the Wall Street Journal said that the internet giant is developing its service that will compete with the likes of Dropbox and SugarSync. It is now known how much Google might be planning to charge for offering storage spaces above the limit to its customers. Dropbox offers users 2GB of storage facility for free to all users and then it charges $9.99 for 50 GB or $19.99 for 100 GB.

Google was thought to be releasing the service in 2011, when a report by TechCrunch has said that the company is about to release a G-Drive service after planning to scrap the idea. According to reports, Google had initially come up with the idea of the storage service several years ago.

Google is not likely to release just a storage service and will mostly integrate other services. This might allow the company to compete directly with Amazon and Microsoft for storage facilities.

The new storage service will most likely sync with Google Doc and will allow users to transfer files between computers, laptops, mobile phones and other gadgets.

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