Guard at the New York High Security Prison Arrested In Connection With Jailbreak

Officials have said that a guard at the New York’s highest security prison where two killers escaped earlier this month has been arrested after officials found him connected with the jailbreak.

Gene Palmer is the second employee at the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora to be detained in the issue of the dramatic escape of Richard Matt and David Sweat on June 6.

Prison seamstress Joyce Mitchell has been charged for her alleged role in a plot that involved her hiding hacksaw blades, drill bits and a hole punched inside raw beef that she brought into the facility.

Palmer, 57, has admitted passing on the meant but had no idea it was concealing contraband, Palmer’s attorney Andrew Brockway said.

Brockway said that his client had been completely cooperative with the investigation and wants these individuals caught.

Matt and Sweat were housed in a section of the prison where inmates are allowed to cook their own meals.

Palmer was charged with promoting prison illegal imports in the first degree (a class D felony), two counts of tampering with physical evidence (a class E felony) and one count of official misconduct (a class A misdemeanor).

These charges carry prison terms ranging from 15 months to seven years. It has been said that Palmer, who worked in the cell block from where Matt and Sweat escaped, was arraigned Wednesday night in Plattsburgh Town Court.

A second hearing has been scheduled for Thursday afternoon and Brockway told NBC News that his client would plead not guilty. An official at the Clinton County Jail said bail was set at 50,000 bond or $25,000 cash bail. Palmer posted bail and was released at 12:27 a.m. Thursday, they added.