Gujarat’s 22-year-old living a normal life with the heart on right side

Human HeartJamnagar (Gujarat), Dec.27: A 22-year-old man in Gujarat’s Jamanagar District has been living with an unusual human anatomy since his birth. His heart lies slightly on the right side of his chest instead of left side as it is in the normal case.

Residing in Mithapur, Dilip Sadiya never knew why the palpitation of the heart used to come from the right side of his body until he learnt at a hospital recently.

"I have never fallen ill all these years. Just that some days back, I was seriously ill, and had to be admitted to hospital. That’s when doctors told me that my heart is on right side of my body. I was actually very surprised, since I had no clue about it since my birth," said Dilip Sadiya.

He is presently pursing Bachelor of Arts degree and claims to have been hale and hearty.

According to physiologists, it’s called Dextrocardia, an instance of the heart being situated on the right side of the body.

In such a case, the heart is 'flipped over' so that the structures that are normally on the right side of the chest are on the left, and vice versa. Yet the arteries and veins are connected in the internal network of circulation of blood. Doctors state that this occurs due to an abnormality in the development of heart during pregnancy.

Doctors believe that this sort of anatomy is found in one among 130,000 persons, though it doesn't have any significant affect on health.

"I examined Mr. Dilip on December 20. He is suffering from Dextrocardia. It is called Situs Inversus. It is one of the congenital anomalies. It is rare. But patient is having no complain and he can live a simple life," said Dr. Ray Mangia.

Dilip's parents view this rare placement of heart as God's unique creation bestowed upon their son which makes him stand apart. (ANI)