British smokers confronted with graphic picture warnings

LondonĀ  - British smokers confronted with graphic picture warnings Graphic images highlighting the dangers of smoking are appearing for the first time this month on tobacco products sold in Britain in a bid to urge people to quit the habit.

Britain is the first European Union country to use the 15 pictures chosen to appear on the cigarette packs. The photographs show diseased lungs, tumours and blackened, rotten teeth.

The picture warnings will replace worded deterrents on cigarette packets which were introduced in 2003 although the reverse side will still carry the strapline "Smoking Kills."

The Department of Health in London said research in other countries had shown that graphic images were effective in raising awareness about the health risks linked to smoking.

Doctors report that around 120,000 people a year die in Britain from the effects of smoking. The country has already banned smoking in enclosed public places, including pubs and restaurants. (dpa)