Cancer risk escalates among Fukushima kids

Cancer risk escalates among Fukushima kidsTokyo, February 26 : A new study has revealed that the cancer risk among 1-year-old girls in Fukushima has increased slightly.

The study, which checked the radiation exposure of around 460 residents living near the crippled plant, found that after 2012, the lifetime solid cancer incidence rate will be raised by 1.06 percentage points in the Tamano area of Soma, Fukushima Prefecture, from the average rate of 31.76 percent, the Japan Times reported.

According to the study, the l ifetime solid cancer incidence rate was relatively higher in the Tamano area than the other two areas among all age groups.

The research found that the rate was 0.82 point higher than average for 10-year-old girls, 0.71 point higher for 1-year-old boys and 0.59 point higher for 20-year-old women in Tamano.

The research team said that this is the first time such projections have been made regarding the probability of cancer risk related to the disaster.

The study was published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (ANI)