Chandigarh to host global meet on venous diseases

venous-diseasesChandigarh, Jan 31 : Nearly 200 doctors from around the world are expected to participate in a two-day international conference on venous diseases (diseases affecting the veins) to be organised here Feb 4, an official said Monday.

This conference is being organised by the Venous Association of India (VAI) to update young doctors about advancement in the treatment of venous diseases.

"Vascular diseases is a vital area of medical science, which has been misunderstood and misrepresented by even the medical fraternity. In many cases, doctors find it difficult to differentiate between heart and vascular complications," VAI's national executive member and chairperson of the conference Ravul Jindal said here.

"Lack of awareness about this disease is so acute that even some surgeons have never heard of an independent vascular surgery department. Around 200 doctors from all across world will be part of this symposium, which will brush knowledge on varicose veins and deep venous thrombosis," he added.

Besides India, doctors from the US, Australia, Nepal and Bangladesh are also scheduled to attend the event.

In vascular diseases, veins become larger and are usually characterised by aching, heavy legs and swelling of the ankles. These usually affect those who work standing for long hours, such as traffic policemen and housewives.(IANS)