China approved 1,000 drug applications in 2010

China approved 1,000 drug applications in 2010Beijing, Oct 10 - China's food and drug watchdog said it approved 1,000 drug registration applications in 2010, 26.2 percent more than in 2009 due to an increase in the approval of generic chemicals.

Among the approved drugs, chemicals represent the highest proportion at 89 percent, while Chinese traditional medicine accounts for less than 10 percent of the total, according to a report released Sunday by the State Food and Drug Administration.

Domestic applications made up roughly 89 percent of the approved, among which 73 percent were generic, the report indicated.

Most of these approved drugs purportedly fight infection, diabetes and diseases concerning the respiratory system and tumors, reported Xinhua.

The total number of drug registration applications in 2010 was 6,294, according to the report. (IANS)