China launches cancer screening programme

China launches cancer screening programmeBeijing, Aug 3 : In a step aimed at an early diagnosis and treatment of cancer, a government-supported project, of an estimated cost of 300 to 500 million yuan (upto $8 million), has been launched in China's 14 provincial-level regions.

According to the project's organisers, the project will focus on lung, breast, colorectal, upper digestive tract and liver cancer, as these are the types of cance frequently noticed in urban areas, Xinhua reported.

A national survey showed that cancer has the highest mortality rate in China's urban areas.

According to the WHO's prediction, China will see rising incidence and mortality related to cancer in the coming 20 to 30 years.

About 700,000 people will be screened over five years, with those diagnosed with cancer advised to seek treatment at specialised hospital, said the project's organisers.

The campaign is being jointly undertaken by the Disease Prevention and Control Bureau under the Ministry of Health, the National Cancer Centre and the Cancer Institute & Hospital (CIH) under the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

The project is expected to map out more efficient cancer treatment methods by comparing the costs and affects of measures used at different stages of the disease.

It also includes a training programme aimed at boosting cancer prevention and control in medical institutes.(IANS)