China sets up food safety risk assessment centre

China sets up food safety risk assessment centreBeijing, Oct 14 - China has set up a national centre for food safety risk assessment.

The government-funded organisation is designed to offer technological support in assessing, monitoring, issuing early warnings and communicating food security risks and food safety standards, reported Xinhua.

The centre was inaugurated in Beijing Thursday.

Minister of Health Chen Zhu called the centre's formation a key step for China in guarding food safety.

Chen asked the centre to play an active role in helping authorities make decisions regarding food safety in a scientific manner.

According to officials, the centre has formed more than 300 monitoring sites across China, including sites in supermarkets and farm produce markets.

Since 2010 China has established a nationwide food safety risk monitoring system, as well as a national panel of experts to assess food safety risks and a judgement commission for national food safety standards. (IANS)