China to train 35,000 medical staff for disaster situations

China to train 35,000 medical staff for disaster situationsBeijing, Nov 18 : China has plans to prepare thousands of medical staff who could be helpful in emergency situations caused by disasters.

According to health authorities, over 35,000 emergency response medical staff will be trained during 2011-2015 to strengthen the country's capability to overcome disasters and public health emergencies, Xinhua reported.

The proposed courses will include medical emergency management, acute infectious diseases prevention and control, emergency medical treatment for acute poisonings and radiations.

The government-funded programme, detailing a massive training plan in the five years through 2015, was revealed in a Ministry of Health statement.

China still faces high pressure in terms of emergency response to natural disasters, accidents and public health incidents while the training mechanism for its medical rescuers remains weak, it said.

A certain number of personnel from the health and disease control authorities, hospitals at various levels, as well as medical experts of emergency response in other public institutions will be paid to take the training
-- 30,000 of whom will come from prefecture or county level units.(IANS)