Chocoholics can now just 'sniff' chocolates without fear of getting fat!

Chocoholics can now just 'sniff' chocolates without fear of getting fat!Melbourne, Mar 16 : Chocolate lovers will now be able to enjoy chocolates without any fear of putting on weight, as a Belgian chocolatier has invented Chocolate Shooter with which one could feel the taste of chocolate by just sniffing it.

Dominique Persoone has come up like a Godman for every sweet tooth person as he has invented Chocolate Shooter that allows one to sniff different flavoured chocolate to enjoy the chocolate experience without putting on the weight, News. com. au reported.

Persoone explained on his website that as per a recent research nose played an important role as it picks up both odours and tastes, so the idea of using nose to enjoy a chocolate tasting event or dessert wasn't that bad.

Persoone invented this powder when the Rolling Stones asked him to create a dessert, he then came up with a device which shooted the powder up in the nose, and allowed chocolate to go direct in the deepest part of the brain.

The chocolate powder that comes in mint, ginger and raspberry flavours costs around 70 dollars and almost 25,000 units have been sold around the world. (ANI)