Hepatitis C

HIV and hepatitis C vaccines come closer to reality

HIV and hepatitis C vaccines come closer to realityWashington, March 26 - Researchers have claimed to have made a breakthrough in HIV and hepatitis C.

Professor Eric Gowans from the University's Discipline of Surgery, based at the Basil Hetzel Institute at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, has submitted a patent application for what he describes as a relatively simple but effective technique to stimulate the body's immune system response, thereby helping to deliver the vaccine.

Hepatitis C vaccine undergoing trials

Hepatitis C vaccine undergoing trialsSydney, Aug 16 - Australian scientists have developed a vaccine for deadly Hepatitis C, which is undergoing trials. The disease affects 200 million people worldwide.

Haryana town hit by Hepatitis-C

Haryana town hit by Hepatitis-CChandigarh, Feb 21 - Authorities in Haryana have rushed doctors and medicines to Ratia town in Fatehabad district following the outbreak of Heptitis-C disease in the past fortnight.

Hundreds of people have been affected by the disease in and around Ratia town, 280 km from here.

Old drug may hold promise against hepatitis C

hepatitis-CLondon, Sept 1 : Researchers from Stanford University say that an old drug may be effective against hepatitis C.

The research team say that their hunch is based on two significant discoveries in fight against hepatitis C:

One of their findings is that a protein called NS4B is actively involved in binding some of the genetic material, or RNA, and thus allows the virus to duplicate.

Hepatitis C Infection Is Result Of The Negligence Of Vegas Clinic Staff

Health officials have traced two patients linked with hepatitis C outbreak . These patients were treated at Vegas clinic at a Las Vegas endoscopy clinic Hepatitis C Infection Is Result Of The Negligence Of Vegas Clinic Staff  in 2007. Hepatitis C is a deadly disease. This disease leads to the swelling of the liver. It can also cause stomach pain, fatigue and jaundice. It can slowly damage the liver without showing any symptoms.

Hepatitis C drug may offer potential treatment strategy for Muscular Dystrophy

HepatitisC VirusLondon, Mar 17: In a rodent study, researchers at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre have cited that an investigational antiviral drug, currently undergoing human trials in Europe for treating Hepatitis C infections, may act as a potential treatment strategy to reduce muscle cell damage in Duchenne and other forms of muscular dystrophy (MD).

Grapefruit compound may be the key to battling hepatitis C

Washington, Feb 5: Hepatitis C liverA new study by researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Engineering in Medicine (MGH-CEM), have cited that a compound present in grapefruit and other citrus fruits may help fighting chronic infection by hepatitis C virus (HCV).

Daily marijuana use increases severity of disease in hepatitis C patients

Washington, Jan 29:Hepatitis C A new study has found that daily use of marijuana increases the severity of the disease in patients with chronic hepatitis C (HCV).

The researchers also found that patients with moderate to heavy alcohol use combined with regular cannabis use had even greater risk of liver fibrosis.

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