Early detection is key to prevention of cervical cancer

Munich - Early detection is key to prevention of cervical cancer Women should have regular checks for cervical cancer, according to experts.

An annual check is advisable because a change in cells can be recognized and treated even before any cancer develops, said Christian Albring of the Munich-based professional association of gynaecologists.

In Germany, women born after April 1, 1987, who can verify that they received early advice about preventative medical check-ups are exempt from making co-payments in the event of contracting the disease later.

The basis for this rule, which took affect in Germany in early 2008, is the so-called chronic guidelines of gynaecologists working in the city of Hannover. People who are seriously ill and require regular medicine and regular medical treatments are defined as chronically ill. According to the rule, they need to lay out only 1 per cent instead of 
2 per cent of their annual gross income for coverage.

A prerequisite is proof that prior to the illness, the patient was advised of the preventive medical check-ups. (dpa)