Exercising away from boys can make girls fitter

Exercising away from boys can make girls fitterMelbourne, November 22 : To fight obesity in children, start separating the sexes when they exercise, say health experts.

Sports teachers in primary schools and a greater diversity of exercise routines would also help young girls who continue to be less active than boys, according to them.

These recommendations come after the release of the NSW Schools Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey report which found children are not eating enough vegetables and spending too long watching television or playing video games.

Children's basic movement skills like running, jumping, throwing and catching were poor, the Daily Telegraph quoted Dr Louise Hardy, senior research fellow at the University of Sydney's Physical Activity, Nutrition and Obesity Research Group as saying.

Dr Hardy said physical education teachers in primary schools would help pupils develop these skills.

Girls should be offered less traditional exercise forms such as Zumba, yoga or pilates to lift their interest in fitness, she said. (ANI)