Antipsychotic Drugs Ineffective In Reducing Aggression: Study

Antipsychotic drugs not effective in treating aggressive behaviorNew York: Antipsychotic drugs are not effective for treating aggressive behavior in patients with low IQs, according to a new study. Researchers pointed out that the two drugs; Johnson & Johnson’s Risperdal, and Novartis AG’s Haloperidol, failed in comparison to benefits offered by placebos.


45 Percent doctors recommend Placebos

PlacebosPlacebos were recommended by nearly 45 percent doctors in Chicago, United States in clinical practice. A survey has unveiled the surprising data about prescription practices of doctors in Chicago. Only four percent of the doctors who used placebos informed their patients about it. More than 90 percent doctors believed that placebos have therapeutic effects.

Domestic Violence, Tobacco Advertising Leads to more Tobacco Use

Voilence, Smoking, Tobacco use high in IndiaDomestic
violence leads more smokers and tobacco chewers, a new study conducted
in India has found. In a study held by scientists from Harvard School
of Public Health, researchers found that many people refer smoking as a
stress reliever in their domestic violence.


J&J Painkiller Patch Can Be Dangerous, Warns FDA

Fentanyl PatchWashington: A second safety warning has been issued by U.S. health officials on the deaths and dangerous fallouts caused by Johnson & Johnson’s Duragesic pain-killing skin patch.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration said that still it is receiving the reports of deaths and life-endangering side effects after the patients have wrongly used the patch inappropriately prescribed by doctors.