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Men love thinking about sex the most, women about food

Men love thinking about sex the most, women about foodLondon, Dec 1 - A new study has found it's wrong to believe that men think about sex every seven seconds but, of course, they do think of it more than women do, as the latter think more about food than sex, says a new study.


One-third Austrian women sexually harassed at work

One-third Austrian women sexually harassed at workVienna, Nov 22 - A survey released in Austria says that one third of women in the country have been sexually harassed at work.

The survey released Monday under the title "Violence in the family and the immediate social environment" was commissioned by the ministry of family affairs, Xinhua reported.

The study interviewed a total of 2,334 Austrian people aged 16 to 60.


Chinese students don't know much about safe sex

Chinese students don't know much about safe sexBeijing, Nov 14 - School students in China do not have much knowledge about safe sex, and teachers worry about being considered "dirty" by parents if they talk about sex in front of students, say experts.

A report released at the 9th Guangzhou Sex Culture Festival in Guangdong province said around three percent of middle school students in the province have had sexual intercourse.


Malaysia bans controversial sex manual

Kuala Lumpur, Nov 4 - The Malaysian government has banned a book by a controversial group that advocates group sex and says wives should act like "high-class prostitutes" to spice up their marriage.

A group known as the "Obedient Wives' Club" will no longer be able to publish the book "Islamic Sex", which was a kind of manual intended to be read only by the club members.

Abdul Aziz, a home ministry official, told The Star newspaper that the book would be banned because its contents infringed censorship laws.


Sexual orientation has unconscious influence on our impressions of others

Washington, Sept 3 : When it comes to white men, being straight may make you more likable but in the case of black men, gays have a likeability edge, a new study has revealed.

In one study, 22 women and nine men viewed 104 photos of straight and gay black and white males and rated their likeability on a scale of one (not likable) to seven (extremely likable).

Participants were not informed that some of the men pictured were gay.


More proof needed to make men undertake premature ejaculation therapy

More proof needed to make men undertake premature ejaculation therapyWashington, August 10 : A new study has indicated that more evidence was needed to support premature ejaculation by teaching men how to control their bodies with their minds while having intercourse.

Still, two of the review authors have said it is too early to discount so-called behavioural therapy.


Coffees claiming to perk up your sex life can actually be Viagra clones

 Coffees claiming to perk up your sex life can actually be Viagra clonesMelbourne, July 18: Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is warning people not to consume caffeine-based drinks, as they may contain ingredients similar to the drug Viagra.

Analysis by government authorities has shown two instant coffees, Sexpresso and Rock Hard, contain analogues of sildenafil (Viagra) despite a ban on adding such drugs to foods, the watchdog said.


How an active sex life will keep one young, toned, healthy

 How an active sex life will keep one young, toned, healthyLondon, July 13: Sex, which is said to make one look and feel young by boosting the skin''s production of Vitamin D, has, as revealed by an expert, many other advantages.

Jennifer Dunkerley listed ten reasons why copulation is good and why people should have an active sex life.

1. It keeps your heart pumping.


Epidemic fears after STI gonorrhea becomes drug-resistant ''superbug''

Epidemic fears after STI gonorrhea becomes drug-resistant ''superbug''London, July 12: Scientists have discovered a superbug strain of the sexually transmitted disease gonorrhea which is resistant to all known forms of antibiotics, and warn that it could soon become a global health threat unless better treatments are developed.

Although only one case has been confirmed, experts fear many more may have gone unreported.


‘Unhealthy habits can kill your sex drive’

 ‘Unhealthy habits can kill your sex drive’ London, July 11 : Do you want to improve your sex life? Then, get rid of your unhealthy habits.

A study has indicated that overeating, being sedentary, smoking, and drinking booze can dampen your sex drive and improves your odds of not having any sex.

A study found that vices contributed to sexual dysfunction in men, and unhealthy lifestyles are more common among both men and women who aren''t sexually active.


Thank parasites for the joys of sex!

 Thank parasites for the joys of sex! London, July 9: Next time you get hot and heavy under the sheets, don''t forget to thank pesky parasites, as they may well have been responsible for the joys of sex.

A study found that animals have sex and reproduce together, rather than simply cloning themselves, because it helps them to ward off parasites.

Researchers working at Indiana University in the US used the round worm Caenorhabditis elegans to test the theory.


Scientists say men who are good listeners are better at sex

 Scientists say men who are good listeners are better at sex London, June 16: A study has revealed that an understanding male partner, who can communicate and listen well, is more likely to give his female partner an orgasm.

The US study, which is the first to find a solid relationship between mental well-being and sexual pleasure, looked at three qualities, self-esteem, autonomy and empathy.


Men, women often overlook subtle sexism of daily life, says study

Washington, June 14 : A new study has found that men and women often overlook the more subtle daily acts of sexism they encounter.

`Psychology of Women Quarterly' showed how subtle sexism such as calling women "girls" but not calling men "boys" or referring to a collective group as "guys", creep into daily interactions.

The study has helped not only pinpoint which forms of sexism are most overlooked by which sex, but also how observing these acts can bring about attitudinal changes in people.


Lack of sleep kills young men’s sex lives

 Lack of sleep kills young men’s sex livesWashington, June 1: A new study has found that young men who slept less than five hours a night for a week had significantly lower levels of testosterone than when they had a full night''s sleep.

Testosterone deficiency is associated with low energy, reduced libido, poor concentration, and fatigue. It is also critical in building strength and muscle mass, and bone density.


Viagra reverses nerve disease: Study

Viagra reverses nerve disease: StudyLondon, May 22 : Anti-impotence drug Viagra drastically reduces symptoms of multiple sclerosis - which affects the brain and spinal nerve cells - in animal models, says a study.

The research by Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB) in Spain shows that a practically complete recovery occurs in 50 percent of the animals after eight days of treatment.


Male menopause really does exist

Male menopause really does existNew York, Apr 2: Menopause is not limited to women, it hits men too, say researchers.

Scientists at the Centre for Men's Health in London say that women aren''t the only ones who have to worry about shifting hormones wrecking havoc as they age, men also suffer from andropause - a menopause-like condition - as they get older.

They found that 20 percent of the 10,000 men over 50 were affected by a hormonal imbalance, according to the Daily Mail.


Common hair loss drugs ‘may impair men’s sexual health’

Common hair loss drugs ‘may impair men’s sexual health’Washington, Mar 19: Men who take the drug finasteride, commonly marketed under the trademark names Propecia and Proscar, may report an on-going reduction in sex drive, and in some cases, prolonged periods of erectile dysfunction even after they stop using the medications, according to a new study by The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences.


Why sex in space could be a bad idea

sex-in-spaceWashington, Feb 14 : Having sex and getting pregnant in the space is just not a good idea, thanks to serious radiation hazards, scientists have said.

According to three scientists, astronauts sent to colonize Mars would be well advised to avoid getting pregnant en route to the Red Planet.


Condoms to be handed to Brit pupils during sexual health lessons

condoms-Brit-pupilsLondon, Feb 7 : A school in Britain could hand out condoms and prescriptions for the pill to its pupils during “sexual health and family planning” lessons, said a doctor who came up with the idea.

Pupils at Sir Henry Cooper School in Hull could be prescribed contraception between classes under plans to open the country’s first GP surgery in a school.


Love really can last a lifetime

love-coupleWashington, Jan 27 : A new study has challenged popular beliefs that love is destined to flicker and flame out in course of time.

Researchers at Stony Brook University in New York have found that people can be as madly in love with each other a couple of decades into marriage as they were when they met, reports CBS News.

They conducted brain scans on couples in the early and long-term stages of relationships.


Use of lubricants during sex linked to higher levels of satisfaction, pleasure

Use of lubricants during sex linked to higher levels of satisfaction, pleasureWashington, Dec 09: Women who used lubricant during sex reported significantly higher levels of satisfaction and pleasure in a new study by sexual health researchers at Indiana University.


The secret to longer-lasting sex lies in your arteries

The secret to longer-lasting sex lies in your arteriesSydney, Dec 1 : A new study shows that the real secret to longer lasting sex really lies in your arteries and not just physical desire.

"I think many men believe that desire sends a message to the brain and, hey presto, they get an erection. But what men see as a sign of virility is simply an issue of blood flow," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Melbourne endocrinologist Dr Carolyn Allan as saying.


Half of British men are bedroom flops

British-men-bedroom-flopsLondon, Nov 25 : Half of the British men develop impotence at some point, with alcohol largely to be blamed.

The delicate nature of the subject means that many suffer in silence, with crashing self-esteem and relationships.

Boots, a chemist chain, surveyed 4,500 men. It found that 19 percent have struggled to make love when sober, while a further 31 percent have suffered problems after a boozy night out.


Recession-hit Brit men facing sex problems

Recession-hit Brit men facing sex problemsLondon, Nov 19 : A survey has suggested that the recession is affecting the sex lives of British men.

The survey found that men are not only facing work pressure but also stress from women who are becoming more demanding and who do not care about the toll it is taking on them.

"We are seeing a real epidemic of anxiety related issues," the Scotsman quoted Kate Copstick, owner of the Erotic Review, which commissioned the poll, as saying.


Four gene variants that affect vitamin D levels identified

Four gene variants that affect vitamin D levels identifiedLondon, June 10 : Scientists have traced four common gene variants linked with blood levels of vitamin D and with an increased risk of vitamin D deficiency.

An international research consortium-SUNLIGHT- involving investigators from six countries, have made the above discovery.