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Husky voice is the key to seduction

Husky-tonesLondon, May 23 : Husky tones are the most alluring and the key to successful seduction, scientists have found.

Both men and women subconsciously lower the pitch of their voice when they want to signal that they are attracted to another person, a study has shown, reports express. co. uk.

Researchers from Albright college in Pennsylvannia tested 48 male and female students, asking them to look at a picture and then leave a voicemail message for that person.

4 Oz female soldiers in Middle East fall pregnant despite ‘ban’, condoms and pills

ondoms and pillsSydney, May 22 : Four Australian female soldiers have been sent home from the Middle East after falling pregnant on deployment.

An Australian Defence spokesman said that female soldiers are removed from the conflict zone as soon as pregnancy was detected, but did not confirm if any of the pregnancies had actually occurred during operations.

Lack of medical advice kills heart attack patients’ sex lives

couple heart attack sexWashington, May 22 : Researchers have found that if heart patients do not consult their doctors a year after they have had heart attack, their sexual activity reduces considerably.

Researchers at the American Heart Association''s 11th Scientific Forum on Quality of Care and Outcomes Research in Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke said that these patients do not return to their physicians for medical advice in the year following their heart attack.

Having sex is good for heart – even after a heart attack

Having sex is good for heart Washington, May 22 : Most heart attack survivors avoid sex because they fear it will trigger another attack. But a new study suggests that sex is good for the heart - even after a heart attack.

Researchers say that it is a myth that sex is a dangerous activity for heart patients.

Viagra may cause hearing loss

viagraWashington, May 19 : Researchers have found a link between hearing loss and the use of the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra.

Gerald McGwin, a professor of epidemiology at the School of Public Health in the University of Alabama at Birmingham claims use of Viagra can result in long-term hearing loss. Also, use of other phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE-5i) drugs such as Cialis and Levitra can be harmful for the ear, but results on those drugs are inconclusive.

Sex wonder pill set to make premature ejaculation history hits UK shelves

wonder pillLondon, April 26 : The first pill proven to prevent premature ejaculation is about to launch in the UK.

The drug, taken one to three hours before sex, works by altering seratonin levels in the brain, which helps a man to have more control over his moment of climax.

Priligy has been shown to make men last three times as long.

However, it is expensive - at 76 pounds for a pack of three Priligy 30mg tablets.

Definitions of ''had sex'' not consistent

Hard-SexWashington, Mar 4 : If someone says he or she "had sex," one can''t really define what exactly transpired, because there is no uniform consensus on what it exactly means, a new study found.

The study from the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University found that no uniform consensus existed when a representative sample of 18- to 96-year-olds was asked what the term meant to them.

Bdelloid rotifers survived over 30 million years, without sex

Bdelloid rotifers survived over 30 million years, without sex It has been forwarded by two researchers at Cornell University in the US that tiny, primitive leech-like animals found in mud and water have kept their species alive for over 30 million years without sex. This has solved a long-standing mystery of biology.

Fat women have more sex than ‘normal’ counterparts

Washington, Oct 31 : Those who think women scoring more on the weighing scale do not score much when it comes to sexual behaviour, certainly need a reality check, for a new study has revealed that fat ladies have more sex than females with "normal weight”.

Oregon and Hawaiian researchers have found that a woman''s weight does not seem to affect sexual behaviour.

Scout leaders advised to give condoms to kids in UK

London, Oct 20: Scout leaders in Britain have been advised to give condoms to children to prevent the risk that they may encounter with unprotected sex.

Besides distributing the contraceptive, the leaders have also been telling explorer scouts, boys and girls aged 14 to 18, about the sexual health clinics so that they know the risk involved.

The new advice has been issued by The Scouting Association, with its motto “Dyb, Dyb, Dyb, Dob, Dob, Dob”, meaning “Do Your Best, Do Our Best”.

Sex may be the best way to banish the bulges!

Sex may be the best way to banish the bulges!Washington, Oct 17: Forget treadmills, long walks and Atkins diet, an expert has come up with a new way of staying in shape—and it has nothing to do with cutting out on carbs – it’s indulging in plenty of sex.

Yes, you heard it right, "sexercise" makes a person slimmer – if you do enough of it.

Everything you ever wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask

London, Oct 13 (ANI): In a sophisticated approach towards sex guidance, the Women''s Institute in UK is set to release a video on internet, which will include tips such as the best sexual position to adopt if your husband has suffered a heart attack previously, and even a rundown on battery-operated sex toys.

Known for offering sensible advice on household matters, WI will now be offering sensible advice on sex as well.

The video is being presented by Janice Langley, who belongs to Washington WI in West Sussex.

Watermelon is a natural Viagra

WatermelonLondon, Oct 13: Want to steam up your rocky bedroom life? Well, you can rekindle your passion just by eating six slices of watermelon.

The juicy fruit delivers Viagra-like effects to the body’s blood vessels, and may even increase libido.

Why men find bigger boobs sexier

bigger-boobs-sexierLondon, Oct 9 : Wonder why men, rather than talking looking straight into your eyes, are more interested in gazing below the neck? Or what is it about big breasts that attract men towards females? Well, the answers to all these questions are rooted in fertility, according to a science journalist.

Stressed out Brits too tired to have sex

London, October 2 : Long hours of work and hassle are making Brits give sex a miss, reveals a new research.

A team of researchers from Coventry University teamed up with The Work Life Balance Centre, and found that 25 percent of the people questioned by experts confessed that they were too exhausted for bedroom pleasures.

The study further revealed that the stress from work also affected their lives outside the bedroom.

How to share wildest sexual fantasies with your partner

 wildest sexual Washington, Sept 30 : When it comes sharing sexual fantasies, even the ''closest'' couples find it hard to communicate their innermost ''naughty acts'' to each other. But if you''re one of those who don''t want to miss out on the fun, then here are few tips to get your mind ''moving''.

Inexperienced viewers more likely to indulge in TV-inspired risky sex

Washington, Sept 26 : Researches have shown TV programming is highly saturated with sexual content and risky sexual behavior. Now, a new study has shown that people with direct experience with such behavior are not influenced by its portrayal on TV. However, those without direct experience are more likely to participate in the unsafe behavior in the future.

How yoga can rock your sex life

YogaWashington, Sept 26: Bedroom bliss is best pursued on a mat, yoga mat, that is. Besides enlightenment and improved well-being, the meditational exercise can transform a person's sex life at its very core.

According to Fox News, yoga enables men and women alike to tap into their sexual energy like never before.

Cyber sex can cause ‘alarmingly high’ rates of depression

DepressionSydney, Sept 26: People who frequent online sex, fetish and swinging sites have “alarmingly high” rates of depression, anxiety and stress, says a shocking new research.

What’s more, people who seek out cyber sex typically devote hours a day to the covert activity, the study found.

Antidepressants 'hit men's fertility'

Antidepressants ‘hit men's fertility’London, Sept 25: Men who take anti-depressants to fight the blues could be damaging their sperm and chances of becoming a father, says a new research.

People read car fronts just as they do human faces

Washington, September 23 : Just like people identify others’ sex, age, emotions, and intentions by looking at their faces, they also attribute such characteristics to inanimate objects like cars.

A team of researchers, including University of Vienna experts, asked people to report the characteristics, emotions, personality traits, and attitudes that they ascribed to car fronts.

The team also used geometric morphometrics to calculate the corresponding shape information.

Sexually active girls more likely to suffer from depression than virgins

DepressionMelbourne, Sept 22: A new study has found that young girls who are sexually active are far more likely to suffer from depression than those who remain virgins.

Researchers found that teenage sex leaves many girls with feelings of guilt and low self-esteem, reports the Daily Telehgraph.

Gays’ negative attitude towards their sexuality behind poor mental, sexual health

Washington, Sept 18 : Researchers from the University of Minnesota have revealed that the negative attitude towards homosexuality among homosexual men predicts poor mental and sexual health-– not the act of being homosexual.

In the study involving 422 Midwestern gay and bisexual men, the researchers found that the degree of internalized homonegativity (negative attitude towards homosexuality) predicted poorer mental health, particularly depression, and worse sexual health.

How you can suffer a stroke during sex

Washington, Sept 16 : If you think that sex is all about pleasure, then here’s a new flash: a rare combination of factors can cause a person to suffer a stroke after the hot and steamy session – at least that’s what a case of a 35-year-old woman suggests.

The woman suffered the stroke just minutes after having sex with her beau.

She felt her left arm go weak. Her speech became slurred and she lost feeling on the left side of her face.

How sexually transmitted diseases up HIV infection risk

How sexually transmitted diseases up HIV infection riskWashington, September 6: The Netherlands-based scientists have for the first time described a way whereby having a sexually transmitted disease — such as genital herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia — increases an individual’s risk of becoming infected with HIV through sexual contact.

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