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Sex really does improve with age

London, Sexual HealthJuly 9 : They say as time passes, couples’ desire to get naughty in the bedroom fades away, but according to a new research, sex – just like wine and friendship –gets better with age.

Choosing the wrong bike may cost men their sex life!

WashingtonSexual Health, July 9: Zeroing on a cycle in a bid to stay fit or to avoid spiralling motoring costs may cost you your sex life, says a new research led by an Indian origin scientist, which found that choosing a wrong bike may cause sexual problems among male cyclists.

Regular Sexual Activity Reduces ED Risk in Older Men

Regular intercourse can play an important role in preserving erectile function among elderly men. Regular sexual activity can help to preserve fertility of men. The risk of erectile dysfunction was inversely related to the frequency of intercourse. The older man may avoid erectile dysfunction (ED) if they have regular sex at least once a week.

Lesbians nearly twice as likely to be obese than straight women

WashingtonLesbians, July 2: A new study has found that lesbians are nearly twice as likely to be overweight than heterosexual women.

Researchers at Vanderbilt University School of Nursing are now using an extraordinarily successful, predominately lesbian weight loss group in Atlanta, as a model system for discovering how to target obesity in a lesbian population.

Homosexual behaviour largely shaped by genetics, environmental factors

Washington, June 30: A new study of twins suggests that genetics and random environmental factors play a significant role in the development of homosexual behaviour.

Published in the scientific journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, this is the world’s largest study of twins to project genetics and environmental factors — which are specific to an individual, and may include biological processes such as different hormone exposure in the womb — as important determinants of homosexual behaviour.

For female red squirrels the more the merrier when it comes to sex

Washington, Sex LifeJune 21: When it comes to female red squirrels, it seems any male will do. According to a new research, the kinky species show high levels of multimale mating and may even mate with males with whom they are related.

Now, an 'orgasm jab' that hits women G-spots spot on!

Now, an 'orgasm jab' that hits women G-spots spot on!London, June 20 : Want to heat up your bedroom life? Get the 'G-shot', a treatment that enhances a woman's sexual experience by boosting the G-spot- the ultra-sensitive area of tissue that can hold the key to happy lovemaking.

Also known as the 'orgasm jab', the non-surgical treatment comes at a price of 800 pounds.

Half of Taiwan women fake orgasm, and growing tired of it

Taipei - Sex LifeHalf of Taiwan women fake orgasm so as not to hurt their husbands' egos but 30 per cent plan to speak up or seek divorce unless their husbands improve their love-making techniques, a study showed on Wednesday.

The finding was made by the Taiwan Women's Health Association in is survey of the sex life of 400 women aged 30-60.

Gay men and straight women’s brains are wired similarly

Washington, JGay Menune 17: They might have opposite preferences when it comes to choosing partners, but gay men and straight women’s brains are on similar wavelengths, according to a new research.

Similarly, lesbians and straight men’s have similar brains, in some respects, the study adds.

More than 75% New Yorkers infected with genital herpes

HIV/AIDSMelbourne, June 11 : Sex in New York could be risky now, for a new study has shown that more than a quarter of the Big Apple's adult residents are infected with the herpes virus - an incurable sexually-transmitted infection that can cause painful genital sores and can double a person's risk for HIV.

According to CBS report, the findings have prompted a new push by health workers to encourage safe sex, with free condoms on offer.

Virginity pledges may postpone sex among youth

Washington, June 11 : Taking a pledge to remain a virgin until they are married may delay the age at which some young people start experimenting with sex, according to a new RAND Corporation study.

According to researchers, waiting until a person is older to have sex is good from a health standpoint.

The study showed that teens who vowed to remain virgins until they are married were less likely to be sexually active over the three-year study period than other youth who were similar to them, but who did not make a virginity pledge.

Why men release millions of sperms during sex when only one can do

Why men release millions of sperms during sex when only one can doWashington, June 7 : The reason why a healthy man releases more than 40 million sperm cells during sex even though it takes only one sperm and one egg to meet and create a baby has been boiled down to two words: sperm competition.

On an average, a male produces roughly 525 billion sperm cells over a lifetime and shed at least one billion of them per month.

College students less likely to indulge in risky sex

Washington, June 6 : Teens who go to college after six-months of completing high-school are less likely to indulge in risky sexual behaviour than those who are not enrolled in college in the first place, according to a University of Washington study.

The study, which also compared risky sexual behaviour of teens living at home and those who established their own residences, could not find any significant differences between the groups

Viagra linked to sexual infections in older men

viagraWellington, May 24 : British doctors have warned that there has been a drastic increase in sexually transmitted diseases (STD) among older men using Viagra, because it fuels extramarital affairs.

According to British health information, rates of sexual infections such as gonorrhea more than tripled in men between 45 to 64 years of age and for fold increase among teenagers.

Over 50pc Australian women 'not satisfied in bed'

Over 50pc Australian women 'not satisfied in bed'Sydney, May 22: A survey has revealed that over 50 per cent Australian women have difficulty getting sexual satisfaction.

Marita McCabe, a professor of Psychology at Deakin University, said that though Australian women’s sexual desires were similar to those observed in other international studies, most of them had problems with arousal and orgasm.

Condoms-with-vodka drinks campaign raises stink

SexMelbourne, May 22: A promotional campaign in which free condoms are handed out with every purchase of Vodka Cruisers has been slammed as “poor form” by a national alcohol body.

On May 22, Independent Distillers Australia (IDA) released a statement to confirm that it had recalled the promotional campaign in which condoms were distributed.

The promotion was limited to just over a dozen stores, the IDA said.

The top 10 sex mistakes men make in bed

SexPerth, May 21: There just isn’t any other way to say it – a sex slip-up just isn’t sexy, and to save all men from bedroom ‘disasters’, a leading sexologist has come to the rescue.

Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright, a sex educator, relationship expert, columnist and founder of Sexuality Source Inc., has come up with top ten mistakes men make in bed, reports Perth Now.

The biggest mistakes men make include:

'Technical Virginity' amongst teenagers a myth: Survey

'Technical Virginity' amongst teenagers a myth: SurveyWashington, May 20 : The concept of 'technical virginity' amongst teenagers is not as common as believed. In fact, a new survey has revealed that teenagers do not opt for oral sex as a way to preserve their virginity.

Illegal sexual enhancement pills claim lives of two more men

Singapore - Illegal sexual enhancement pills laced with a diabetes drug claimed the lives of two more men, one Chinese and the other Malay, authorities said Saturday.

The deaths bring the toll to four in Singapore, said the Health Sciences Authority.

The latest victims, the Chinese in his 20s and the Malay in his 50s, were hospitalized in comas after taking herbal pills containing elevated amounts of the prescription drug glibenclamide. Both died from infections.

Under one minute ejaculation is 'premature'

ISSMWashington, May 15 : The International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) has developed an evidence-based definition of premature ejaculation with the help of the world’s leading sexual health experts.

Majority of ethnic minority teens don’t hang out with ethnic school crowds

school crowdWashington, May 15 : In a study on peer-relationships of teens in school, researchers found that ethnic minority teens were less keen to hang out with crowds made up of their ethnic peers.

There’s no one more attractive than you for your mate

Mate AttractionLondon, May 15 : A new study has given credibility to the famous saying ‘beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’ by finding that our partners think we are far better looking than we actually are.

Scientists at Groningen University in the Netherlands have shown that most of us think our long-term partners are the most gorgeous thing we have ever set eyes on.

Women who commit sexual offences often have mental problems

Washington, May 15 : A new study has revealed that women who commit sexual offences are just as likely to have mental problems or drug addictions as other violent female criminals.

The research is the largest study ever conducted of women convicted of sexual offences in Sweden.

Between 1988 and 2000, 93 women and 8,500 men were convicted of sexual offences in Sweden. Given that previous research has focused on male perpetrators, knowledge of the factors specific to female sex offenders has been scant.

Study explores outcomes of sexual harassment on both boys and girls

Washington, May 13 : A new research has shed light on the outcomes of sexual harassment on both boys and girls.

The study found that girls were harassed more frequently, and boys were indirectly yet negatively affected through a school climate that tolerates the harassment of girls.

The research, led by Alayne J. Ormerod, PhD, of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, examined the relationship among peer-to-peer sexual harassment, school climate, adult-to-student harassment, and outcomes for the students.

Youth in Europe turning to alcohol and drugs for sexual high

Washington, Drug AdditionMay 9: Young people in Europe are deliberately binging on drink and drugs to enhance their sex lives, according to a new study.

A third of men aged 16 to 35 and a quarter of females surveyed for the study said they drank alcohol to increase their chances of getting sex.

Some also intentionally take cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis to enhance sexual arousal or prolong sex.

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