Give cancer the slip: Make simple lifestyle changes

Give cancer the slip: Make simple lifestyle changesLondon, Dec 7 : A few simple lifestyle changes would help most people avoid cancer, a study claims.

The most comprehensive review of cancer and lifestyle ever carried out reveals the shocking toll unhealthy habits have on our well-being, the Daily Express reported Wednesday.

It shows that over 100,000 cases - equivalent to a third of all those diagnosed in Britain each year - are caused by smoking, unhealthy diets, alcohol and obesity alone.

This figure soars to around 134,000 when taking into account all 14 lifestyle and environmental risk factors known to be linked to causing the disease.

Yet experts at Cancer Research UK say that at least 40 percent of all cancers are preventable if everyone made a few easy changes to their daily lives to maximise their chances of not developing the disease.

According to the new study, this is almost half (45 percent) of all cancers in men and 40 percent in women.

Taking more exercise, eating more fruit and vegetables and less red meat, reducing alcohol intake, staying slim and not smoking can dramatically reduce the risk, researchers said. (IANS)