‘Green’ eatery that serves 100pct organic food opens in NYC

Washington, Jan 25: The first green- and organic-certified restaurant has opened its doors in New York City.

‘Gusto Grilled Organics’ is a Greenwich Village eatery serving 100 percent, organic, Latin-inspired cuisine for eat-in, takeout and delivery.

“We are completely organic,” Environment News Network quoted Alberto Gonzales, a majority shareholder of Gusto Grilled Organics Inc., as telling Sustainable Food News.

Gonzales said that the eatery opened about 10 days ago with no trumpet blast or campaign. And added that the place has been mobbed.

The organic theme of the place has been used to the fullest. All packaging is eco-friendly, and most of it biodegrades in 90 days and the furniture of the place is made with recycled wood from old barns in the region.

The restaurant also uses LED lighting and green-certified cleaning products and processes.

Next month, the restaurant’s power will switch to wind energy thanks to an innovative program with the city’s utility Consolidated Edison, Inc.

“It will be more expensive, but we really don’t care,” Gonzales said of the energy switch.

The restaurant uses purification technology from Italy on New York City water to produce what Gonzales describes as “99.9 percent pure” water for drinking and in all ingredients. (ANI)