Here's why e- cigarettes can lead to smoking

Here's why e- cigarettes can lead to smokingWashington D. C, Jan. 26 - A new study has found that teenagers, who try e-cigarettes, are three times more likely to start smoking,

Researchers have found that teenagers who use e-cigarettes are expected to try smoking a year later than those who don't vaped.

Keeping in view the effects of smoking, the study indicated that teens should be restricted from taking e-cigarettes, as they will eventually take up smoking.

Among non-users of e-cigarettes and tobacco, one in 10 had tried e-cigarettes while 2% had experimented with cigarettes, and fewer than one in 20 (4%) had tried both.

The study also established that the transition from non-user of either e-cigarettes or tobacco to use of both by 2014 was associated with older age, white or Native Hawaiian ethnicity, and greater rebelliousness.

Teens with greater levels of family support and education were less likely to make this transition.

Factors known to influence uptake of smoking, such as home environment, parental educational attainment, and degree of rebelliousness were also assessed by the survey.

Additionally, e-cigarette use among initial smokers was not linked with a reduction over time in their smoking frequency. (ANI)