How to walk tall without damaging your feet

How to walk tall without damaging your feetLondon, Nov 22 : Squeezing your feet into damaging fashion footwear can prove to be extremely detrimental in the long run.

A quarter of all the bones in the human body are found in our feet and on average we walk around 100,000 miles in our entire lifetime, which is equivalent of four times around the Equator, the Daily Express reported.

However Dr Tariq Khan, a consultant podiatrist at a leading hospital in London, has offered some simple techniques and solutions that will allow you to wear your favourite heels without causing long-lasting damage.

If you have a wobble-board, practise for an hour or so in the week before you wear them to strengthen your ankles and reduce the risk of sprains.

Alternatively if you own a pair of MBT-style exercise shoes wear them to and from work.

Don't overdo it though as Dr Khan says wearing these too often can throw out your posture.

He has suggested that on the night before a party give your feet a spa-style pampering by soaking in warm, salty water and then removing dry skin and massaging with moisturiser.

"Make sure nails are short so they don't press into the toes in narrow shoes," said Dr Khan.

Slip into fold-up pumps for the journey home after your party but do make sure they have a sturdy sole.

Once you are back home after the party, soak your feet in salty water for 10 minutes to reduce any swelling or inflammation. (ANI)