Intake Of Vitamin E In Higher Quantities Linked To Lung Cancer – A Study

Vitamin E PillsA new study has disclosed that intake of Vitamin E in high doses can double-up the risk of lung cancer.

The study researchers found that people who consumed Vitamin E in increased quantity had a greater risk of having lung cancer.

researcher Dr. Christopher G. Slatore of the University of Washington
in Seattle and his group monitored over 77,000 people, aged between 50
and 76 for 4-years to record how many of them become lung cancer

Out of the original part-takers enrolled into the Vitamins and Lifestyle (Vital) study, 521 people developed lung cancer.

The researchers also watch over the person’s existing and past vitamin usage, smoking, demographics and medical traits.

discovered that people who took 400 milligrams of vitamin E daily
actually had a 28% increased risk of developing lung cancer.

The researchers said that biggest relation to cancer development was examined in those who were smokers.

For every 100 milligrams of vitamin E taken on a daily basis, the risk of developing lung cancer increased by 7%.

Researchers stated that if too much vitamin E is taken, it can have a negative effect and actually cause damage to the cells.

contrast to the often assumed benefits or at least lack of harm,
supplemental vitamin E was associated with a small increased risk of
lung cancer," said Dr Slatore.

The findings appear in the March
issue of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care
Medicine, published by the American Thoracic Society.