Kerala doctors win global recognition for cost effective telemedicine-based diabetes treatment

 Kerala doctors win global recognition for cost effective telemedicine-based diabetes treatment Kochi (Kerala), July 10 : Globally, the treatment of diabetes is miserably failing with millions of patients requiring expensive treatment for heart disease, kidney disease, eye disease, neuropathy, sexual dysfunction, mental depression etc.

Treatment costs of diabetes, goes up by five to twenty fold in more than 95 percent of usual patients, after 10 to 20 years of the onset of the disease.

Diabetes Tele Management System, a cost effective treatment option discovered from Kerala could effectively overcome all the present major barriers of attaining long term good diabetes care.

The Diabetes Tele Management System, which comprises of a network of technology combined with a committed multi-disciplinary team ofdoctors, dieticians, diabetes educators, diabetes nurses ,pharmacists, psychologist etc. has won global recognition in bringing down the long term treatment costs of diabetes.

Diabetes Tele Management System is in use since 1998 at Jothydev's Diabetes and Research Centre (JDC) located at Trivandrum.

The system works via customized goal settings for average glucose, LDL Cholesterol, BP etc., for each individual patient based on multiple patient characteristics such as age, duration of disease, various laboratory parameters, presence of complications etc.

The compliance to the drugs for cholesterol and blood pressure are assured during each tele consultation.

The DTMS team also provides periodic modifications of drug dosages and also advices on diet and exercise through the telephone or through the internet. DTMS avoids hypoglycemia or low sugars since it takes in to consideration multiple factors in frequently reviewing drug dosages, exercise, diet and troubleshooting with the use of oral drugs, monitoring and injection devices.

In an original research published from JDC in Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics, an international indexed peer reviewed medical journal published from USA, the entire functioning of DTMS and its effectiveness in reaching target values via continuous education and motivation is highlighted.

The major drawback of DTMS is the initial cost involved which is largely offset when considering the huge long termsavings.

The original research was conducted under the leadership of Dr. Jothydev Kesavadev; others in the team included Dr. Pradeep Babu, Dr. Arun Shankar, Ms. Gopika Krishnan, Jayasree Lally and Sunitha Jothydev. (ANI)