Lack of medical facility takes 7 lives in Orissa’s Rayagada district

Lack of medical facility takes 7 lives in Orissa’s Rayagada districtRayagada (Orissa), Oct. 4 : Due to poor medical facilities in Orissa's Rayagada district, seven people died of cholera in Bahadulki village as they were unable to reach any medical establishment on time.

Some resident complain that authorities are not bothered about the condition of villagers.

Krushna Nayak, a villager said: "Government (officials) comes here only when people die here. If they had provided us doctors and good roads then these seven people would not have died. It happens every year."

Lack of basic facilities like clean drinking water, doctors, hospitals, roads and transportation are the core problem of the district.

As per the district collector Nitin Bhanudas Jawle transportation problem of the district would be solved very soon as many new roads have been built in district and few more are on their way.

"In Kashipur area, as such, let us forget this inaccessible part where we saw cholera. Otherwise in many parts, lots of new roads have come through, and other roads are to come. Rupees 300 crores have been executed in this district and more are coming," said Jawle.

Villagers in the Rayagada district complaint that every time they have to walk to the Maribhatta village, which is 12 kilometers away to catch a bus for city. (ANI)