Long monsoon spreading dengue

Long monsoon spreading dengueNew Delhi, Oct 1 : Minister of Health and Family Welfare Ghulam Nabi Azad Tuesday attributed the rise in the number of dengue cases, which have already crossed 2,000, to the long monsoon in the capital.

"This year the monsoon has been going on since June, and we have had rainfall even in September. This has lead to the accumulation of fresh water, which are prone to mosquito breeding grounds," he said.

Addressing the media on World Blood Donation day, the minister said: "Community participation is most important to prevent the spread of dengue. People have to take a step forward and not allow water to accumulate in and around their area."

There have been three deaths in the capital due to the vector-borne disease. A total of 2,124 cases were reported from Delhi and adjoining areas, according to officials.

After a gap of two years, the city is witnessing a rise in the dengue case, with 1,962 cases reported in September alone.(IANS)