Loose weight – the fun way – courtesy ‘hooping’!

Tokyo, July 27 : Looking for a fun way to get rid of that extra flab? Well, consider hooping, a fitness trend that will let you have a blast while slimming down.

The athletic recreational activity is basically a new and improved version of hula hooping and it is about to become the next big thing in Tokyo.

In hooping, you sway your hips slightly and send a large ring rotating around your body.

In recent years, the ‘hooping movement’ has taken off internationally, with classes and “hoop dance” troupes in cities as far-flung as San Francisco and Sydney. You can even do it virtually on the Wii Fit video game system.

In Japan, the movement, though still in its early stages, is steadily growing, thanks to the tireless efforts of people like “Mario” Sawazaki and “Justin” Hirakawa of Tokyo Hoop Store, and Deanne Tonking of the group Hoop Lovers.

And in this digital age, there’s no shortage of resources available on the Internet. In fact, newbies can learn all they need to know through online demonstrations and inspiring performances on YouTube. (ANI)