Lose weight and liven up your sex life

Lose weight and liven up your sex lifeNew York, May 31 : It is time to run, jog, join the gym, hit the park or just begin walking to tuck in your tummy as losing even a moderate amount of weight can help improve your sex life.

"Excess weight is related to poor circulation and dwindling testosterone, both of which can contribute to erectile dysfunction," researchers said in a new study.

Obese men who lost just five to 10 percent of their body weight experienced improved desire as a result, said the study which appeared in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Losing weight can help regulate one's hormones and also help improve circulation across the body - including to the genitals - which means improved sensation and greater arousal.

It can also help people move more easily and feel more comfortable during sex, the study noted, adding that shedding extra weight can also have emotional benefits as well.(IANS)